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Logistics & Supply Chain

Road, Air, Sea, and Rivers

Jykisa Group will establish and manage every step within your supply chain through the implementation of advanced technologies. We will provide the high-quality infrastructure and transportation necessary to successfully execute your business operations within your timeline.

Our cutting-edge tracking technology allows you to remain fully immersed in the confidential transport of your most prized assets.

General Engineering, Construction Of Buildings, Public Works & Subcontracting

Jykisa Group offers your ongoing civil engineering projects vital access to the supplies and materials you need. Whatever resources are required to meet your construction and maintenance milestones, Jykisa Group has the logistic solution for you.

Our skilled team of logisticians will consult with you to ensure your vision is being executed every step of the way. We want to establish efficient timelines and shipment requests at the beginning of the project in order to ensure the smooth execution of each transaction.

Importing & Exporting Products

Food products, office materials, construction materials, machinery, transport vehicles, safety equipment, & others

You cannot generate revenue without the ability to transport goods and services to the consumer. Jykisa Group offers comprehensive logistical solutions for the import and export of raw materials, retail products, perishable goods, equipment, machinery, and so much more.

Elevate your operations beyond the local community with Jykisa Group’s unparalleled import and export services.

Additional Services

There is truly no job too big for Jykisa Group

We are always willing to complete additional services that are outside of the scope of our typical offerings. Our professional team will listen intently to your desires and ensure we are able to meet your needs.

Some additional services include:

  • Any operation generally related to the food industry
  • Landscaping
  • House-keeping
  • Maintenance
  • And So Much More!