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Jykisa Group

Our Services

These core services are the foundation of our prestigious company.

Fortunately, we don’t just stop there. If you are in need of a more complex service, trust our experts to support the successful execution of your business operations!

Logistics & Supply Chain

Road, Air, Sea, and Rivers

Jykisa Group will establish and manage every step within your supply chain through the implementation of advanced technologies. We will provide the high-quality infrastructure and transportation necessary to successfully execute your business operations within your timeline.

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General Engineering, Construction Of Buildings, Public Works & Subcontracting

Jykisa Group offers your ongoing civil engineering projects vital access to the supplies and materials you need. Whatever resources are required to meet your construction and maintenance milestones, Jykisa Group has the logistic solution for you.

Our skilled team of logisticians will consult with you to ensure your vision is being executed every step of the way. We want to establish efficient timelines and shipment requests at the beginning of the project in order to ensure the smooth execution of each transaction.

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Importing & Exporting Products

Food products, office materials, construction materials, machinery, transport vehicles, safety equipment, & others

You cannot generate revenue without the ability to transport goods and services to the consumer. Jykisa Group offers comprehensive logistical solutions for the import and export of raw materials, retail products, perishable goods, equipment, machinery, and so much more.

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Additional Services

There is truly no job too big for Jykisa Group

We are always willing to complete additional services that are outside of the scope of our typical offerings. Our professional team will listen intently to your desires and ensure we are able to meet your needs.

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This is Jykisa

Enhance Your Business Operations Through Reliable Road Transport And Innovative Logistics

Our service capabilities evolve with the desires of our valued clientele base

Jykisa Group offers a wide range of delivery services to various countries around the world. From simple road transports to complex logistical tracking operations, our experts will execute your needs with efficiency and integrity every single time.

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Our Core Values

Support A Sustainable
Future For All

Partner with a trustworthy company that advances the present to change the future

Our professional staff diligently works to achieve the planet-conscious objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It's truly not enough to forge new paths for the variety of countries we serve through our industry-leading transportation operations.

" We want to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. "

Why Choose Us

Jykisa Group is the industry-leading transportation and logistics company in the D.R. Congo. As we serve numerous different countries all around the world, our committed workforce continues to expand.

Our professionally trained team of dedicated workers continues to reach new heights within the industry. The higher we push the standards of excellence, the better the customer journey will continue to be.

We want you to be our next success story!

A Business built On Strong Foundations

The undeniable passion we have within our hearts to help businesses smoothly run their logistical operations is the driving force of our honorable name. With many years of experience and a large powerhouse workforce behind our sustainable initiatives, the sky is the limit.